Feast of Saint Andrew

St. Andrew day

St Andrew's Day, the 30th of November, is marked by celebrations around the globe. Many cities hold celebrations of St. Andrew's feast day, and his status as patron saint of fishermen is observed with a feast of St. Andrew in fishing villages as well.

Happy St. Andrew Day
Germany and Austria have their own traditions and folklore surrounding St Andrews Day, or Andreasnacht as it is known to locals. St. Andrews feast day is near to, and some years coincides with, the start of Advent (the first Sunday following the 26th of November) Among his many responsibilities, St Andrew is patron saint of unmarried women, so Andreasnacht is regarded as a particularly auspicious occasion for girls and young women to perform the various folkloric rituals designed to reveal the identity of future husbands. Austrian Girls would traditionally perform the ritual, which might be anything from divining by pouring molten lead into water, to kicking a straw bed in the nude, while reciting the Andreasgebet or St. Andrew's Prayer. All the while looking for a lucky sign of love at their feast of St. Andrew.

St Andrew's Day, however, is best known as a celebration of Scottish culture. Since 2006, it has been officially recognized as a national holiday in Scotland, with events such as celebratory St. Andrew Feast dinners happening around the nation, and is marked around the world by the many St Andrew's Societies from the Americas to the Far East composed of Scottish expatriates, descendents of the Scots diaspora, and others who simply have an interest in all things Scottish. The town of St. Andrews celebrates its patron in style with the weeklong St. Andrews Festival, incorporating music, arts, dance and drama.

You and your family can celebrate your own Saint Andrew feast. Let the main course be fish and perhaps include some Scottish traditions. Giving your guests St. Andrew's medals or jewelry is a special way to honor St. Andrew and your guests
on this day. Recite the prayers of St. Andrew, reflecting on how he lived his life, the first-called apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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