St. Andrew Cathedrals

Cathedrals and Famous Places Named for St. Andrew

Ruins of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Scotland

St. Andrew's Cathedral
The ruins of the Cathedral of St Andrew, at one time Scotland's largest building, was not completed and consecrated until 1318 in the reign of Robert the Bruce (1306-29). The Cathedral and its associated conventual buildings were sacked and gradually became ruinous after the Reformation in 1559 as stone from the cathedral was used for local buildings. Nearly all traces have disappeared as the Cathedral itself has been reduced to its foundations by stone robbing.
St. Andrew Cathedral of St. Petersburg
Fragments can be found built into the older buildings throughout the town. A site museum in Historic Scotland, contains an impressive collection of stonework from all phases of the Cathedral's history, from early medieval to 17th century. The most important single piece is the St. Andrews Sarcophagus, a masterpiece of 8th century Pictish sculpture.

St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral
St Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral is situated on the edge of Glasgow's Merchant City, on Clyde Street, near the suspension bridge. The cathedral is recognized as Glasgow's first major piece of Gothic revivalism, in an area famous for its stately architecture.

St. Andrew's Cathedral of St. Petersburg
St. Andrews Cathedral of St. Petersburg was conceived at the time of Peter the Great as the chapter church of Russia's first chivalric order, that of Saint Andrew. The most famous architect of the Nordic countries, Nicodemus Tessin, was called upon to design a church resembling Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome and exceeding 430 feet in length.

By the time the designs were completed, the tsar had died and the costly project was suspended. It was not until March of 1780 that the five-domed pastel pink cathedral was consecrated.

Town of St. Andrews

On 16 May 1938 the cathedral was closed down, its priests arrested and the bells destroyed. In 1992 the cathedral of St. Andrew was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Shrine of St. Andrew at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Town of St. Andrew
St. Andrews of Scotland, the town that is famous around the world as the home of golf, is located on the east coast of Fife. With a population of about 18,000, St. Andrews is home to Scotland's oldest university, the University of St. Andrews.

Shrine of St. Andrew
The Roman Catholic Church has been in the possession of St. Andrews relics since 1462, with his head resting in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Pope Paul VI presented a portion of St. Andrew's relics to Scotland in 1969, which reside at St. Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh, with the words, “Saint Peter gives you his brother.” The Pope also presented relics to Patras in 1966 as a gesture of goodwill. These relics consist of a small finger, the top of his cranium and pieces of the cross. The relics are kept in a shrine at the Church of St. Andrew in Patras. Patras is the place that Saint Andrew was martyred.

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